If you are traveling from abroad, you must check the Protocol for arrivals in and departures from Greece https://travel.gov.gr/#/     On here you will find the Passenger Locator Form (PLF Form) that needs to be completed by the day prior to your travel date. 

Prior to departure, all travelers must ensure that they carry an acceptable form of certification of their health condition. Acceptable documents include:
- A negative PCR  test result up to 72 hours before entry.
- A negative RAPID TEST result up to 48 hours before entry.
- A vaccination certificate issued by a certified authority.
- A certificate of recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection issued by a public authority or a certified laboratory. The certificate is issued 30 days after the day of the first positive COVID-19 test and is valid for 180 days after it.
- Proof that the traveler was tested positive with COVID-19 in the past 30 to 180 days. This can be proved either by presenting a positive PCR molecular or an antigen test result performed by an authorized laboratory or a medical certificate confirming that the holder was tested positive with Covid-19 infection.



You will need to fill out the digital Health Statement Form or its print version  to board the ferry from mainland Greece to the islands:



Passenger guides and questionnaires for ferry travel as of July 2, 2021:

One of the detailed documents that must be presented by passengers (in electronic or printed form) upon boarding the ship:

Vaccination Certificate OR
Negative result of PCR Test 72 hours prior departure Or
Negative result of Rapid Test 48 hours prior departure OR Official confirmation of Covid-19 infection minimum 2 months and maximum 9 months before departure date

**Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the negative Covid-19 test requirement**

**Important: There is no Covid-19 test requirement for ferry trips from the islands to the mainland**

The use of a protective mask during boarding/disembarking, as well as during the trip, is mandatory.


If traveling back to your country requires a PCR or antigen test please contact the island's diagnostic center:      Clinitest
Address: Apollonia, Sifnos
Tel: +30 22840 31544, +30 22840 33677
EMAIL: clinitest.si@gmail.com

Getting to Sifnos

The only way to get to Sifnos is by boat. There are daily multiple boats to Sifnos, departing from Piraeus, the main port of Athens and also from nearby islands in Cyclades (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Milos). There is only one port in Sifnos, located in the north part of the island, a village called Kamares. 







Anybody seeking accommodations (in Athens, Sifnos or any other destinations), ferry tickets, airplane tickets, private transfers from/to Athens Airport to/from Piraeus Port, from/to Sifnos Port, to/from their hotels in Sifnos, car rentals in Sifnos or other travel services, contact MARA at Miles Away Travel. She will be able to guide you through all your questions regarding travel & Sifnos.

Mara Kapiti
Managing Director
Head Office: 22, Iras st., 166 74 Glyfada, Athens - Greece
T: +30 210 5151090, +30 210 8985640
Branch: Platys Gialos, 840 03 Sifnos, Greece
T: +30 22840 71373
M: +30 6977 663303
S: live:m.kapiti
Ε: sales@milesaway.gr

Alternative Routes to Sifnos

FLYING: Sifnos does not have an airport; the nearest airports with international flights are Athens and the islands of Mykonos or Santorini. Ferry connections run from these airports to Sifnos. 

From Athens :
Travel by ferry from the port of Piraeus to Sifnos Island. Tickets can be purchased from any of the travel agents that are located around the port or online. During the very busy summer period at the port of Piraeus, it is adviseable to allow plenty of time and book a ticket in advance.
The duration of the trip from Piraeus to Sifnos ranges from 2.5 hours by speed ferry to 5 hours and 30 minutes on other ferries.
From Santorini :
There are at least two weekly scheduled ferries from Santorini to Sifnos Island.
The duration of the trip is between 4 to 5 hours, depending on the ferry company that operates the service. Please note when you are searching for online ferry bookings you might not find the port of Santorini under this name but under the name Thira.
From Mykonos :
Mykonos does not have a direct ferry to Sifnos. If your flight lands in Mykonos, you will need to take a ferry that reaches the islands of Santorini, Milos, Serifos or Folegandros and connect from those ports to Sifnos.
Connection With Other Islands: 
Sifnos also has direct ferry connections with the islands of Folegandros, Ios, Syros, Santorini, Kimolos, Kythnos, Milos, Paros, Serifos and Sikinos.

Getting Around Sifnos

Car Rental

Rent A Car, www.rentacar-sifnos.gr
Proto Moto Car, www.protomotocar.gr
Auto Moto Apollo Rental, www.automotoapollo.gr
Sifnos Drive, www.sifnosdrive.gr


The transportation in Sifnos, in addition to the buses, is also served by 10 taxis.
Each taxi has a number in a visible place, so you can distinguish which is the taxi dialled (e.g. at the port on your arrival).
No1 +302284031216
No2 +302284031661, +306944742652
No3 +302284031777, +306944761210
No4 +302284031626, +306944444904
No5 +302284031719, +306944642680, +306972359886
No6 +302284031656, +306944696409
No7 +302284031295, +306932403485
No8 +302284031173, +306944936111
No9 +302284033570, +306944900972
No10 +302284031473, +306973209720


The twelve villages of the island are connected during summer by buses which pass frequently.
Closer to our wedding date you will be able to see the bus timetable on the below link

Useful Website!!

Visit https://sifnos.e-sifnos.com to learn more about Sifnos and all of its accommodations. This site is a great all-in-one resource about everything from car rentals to hotels in Sifnos. 


Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos is situated at the south side of Sifnos. The toponym in the local dialect of Sifnos derives from the words Wide Seashore (In Greek: Platis Aigialos) and it means waterside relatively wide, spacious waterside. It is one of the most much-frequented beaches of Sifnos and it is considered one of the longer beaches of Sifnos which also got the the prize of the European Union’s "Blue Flag", having met the required criteria of the program!

Vathi is situated at the south-west side of Sifnos. The toponym Vathi means that the port is situated in a deeper, lower part in comparison with the surrounding area or that the sea is quite deep near the land so that the ships can approach it.
Vathi is a beautiful picturesque leeward port with a sandy beach with yellow sand and deep blue waters, which is one of the biggest beaches of Sifnos. Its gulf with the calm crystal-clear sea is fascinating.


The toponym Kamara or Kamares derives from the many caves that existed on the rocky south coast of the bay. Kamares is the largest coastal village and the port of Sifnos.
The two bosoms of the port are separated by the sea and connected by a golden large sandy beach on of the biggest in Sifnos. The beach of Kamares was awarded the blue flag of the European Union, because it meets the criteria of the project: (Coast Organization, Cleanness, Bathers’ safety).


Katerina Kollaraki, +302284031330
Irene Psarafti, +306979160337
Chryssoskoni, +302284033754
Roula Palaiou, +302284033100

First Time Traveling to Greece? READ THIS!

If this is your first time traveling to Greece from New York, please consider these important things to know so you can plan your trip accordingly: 

- There is a 7 hour time difference between New York and Greece. The flight to Greece is approximately 9 hours long. So the way the flight times typically work, you will arrive in Greece a day after the day you fly. So if your flight is at 6pm for example, you would arrive in Athens 10 am the following day. This is important to know when arranging your hotel stays and ferry tickets.

-The currency in Greece is Euros. It is likely cheaper to convert dollars to euros at an american bank as opposed to the airports. Some banks carry euros in house however you can order euros at most banks and they usually take a couple business days to arrive. 


Passport information- 6 month rule

When you start planning your travel itinerary, make sure your passport satisfies the six month validity passport rule. As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally. Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel. That means if your passport has less than six months remaining until the expiration date from the last day of travel, you should renew it right away! 

Suggested Restaurants/Bars


1.  Omega3
Seafood / Modern Mediterranean Cuisine
Location : Platys Gialos
Tel : +30 2284 072014

2. To Steki
Mediterranean/Traditional Cuisine
Location: Platys Gialos
Tel: +30 22840 71215


3. Okyallos
Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Apollonia Tel: +30 22840 32060

4. Cayenne
Greek Cuisine
Location: Apollonia
Tel: +30 2284 031080

5. Perivoli
Greek Guisine
Location: Artemonas
Tel: +30 2284 031953

6. Rambagas
Greek Mediterranean Cuisine
Location : Apollonia Tel : +30 22840 32215

7.The Tsikali
Greek Taverna
Location: Vathu
Tel : +30 22840 71150

8. To Xryso
Greek Cuisine
Location: Artemonas
Tel: +30 2284 031322

9. I Ampelos
Traditional Cafe / Taverna
Location: Exambela
Tel: +30 2284 035261

10. Apokofto Tavern
Location: Apokofto beach
Tel: +302284071272


Suggested Bars:

1. Cosi Sifnos
Location: Apollonia
Tel : +30 697 977 7813

2. Argo Bar
Location: Apollonia
Tel: +30 22840 31114

3. Mpotzi Bar
Location: Apollonia
Tel: +30 2284 032358

4. Palmira Beach Bar
Location: Platis Gyalos
Tel: +30 2284 071283

​5. Lost Bay Beach Bar
Location: Platis Gyalos
Tel: +30 6945918516

6. Folie Beach Bar
Location: Kamares
Tel: +30 2284 031183

Contact Us

**Please note that the country code for Greece is +30 and local numbers in Sifnos start with 2284**

For any additional information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact PointofU, our wedding planner:

Ms. Konstantina Bogka is at your disposal, either by phone
at +30 210 6005066, (Mon - Fri 10am-6pm GMT+2) or email at info@pointofu.gr


Contact “Miles Away Travel” for hotel reservations, ferry tickets, car rentals, private transfers or any activities.

Contact info (e-mail & telephone numbers):
+30 210 5151090 (Athens – Glyfada agency)
+30 22840 71373 (Sifnos agency)

Gina Petropoulou: +30 6932 204054
Mara Kapiti: +30 6977 663303
Other Useful Telephone Numbers
Police station: +30 2284031210

Port authority: +30 2284033617

Municipal Doctor’s Cabinet: +30 2284031315

Post office: +30 2284031329